Here's Christopher Pyne talking to Malcolm Turnbull about innovation sitting on Sydney's crappy train network

Innovation minister Christopher Pyne has joined prime minister Malcolm Turnbull at an innovation roundtable in Western Sydney today.

Clearly excited about the day’s event, and all things innovative, Pyne took the liberty of documenting the trip with the PM, channelling his inner Turnbull and his boss’s fondness for social media and public transport.

First was the warm up:

Next was a still of the pair having a serious innovation discussion in transit:

What everyone else is talking about though is the fact that the minister of innovation and the prime minister (and former communications minister) are discussing the country’s future on one of the oldest and worst transport and infrastructure systems in the world.

According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers report Cities of Opportunity 6, published in 2014, Sydney has the sixth worst train system compared to 30 other major cities.

Places such as Mumbai, Rio de Janerio and Mexico all have better public transport networks.

The same report ranked Sydney 16th worst in terms of technology readiness.

In terms of innovation and infrastructure, the Sydney rail system was ripe for discussion.

And Pyne didn’t forget to capture the moment they arrived.

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