Here's Another Perfect Front Page From Australia's Best Crocodile News Daily

There would have to be very few jobs in publishing more enjoyable than Editor of the NT News.

For the uninitiated, the NT News is the masthead of Australia’s Northern Territory, where there’s actually more crocodiles than water.

That means an endless flow of croc pics and stories, which NT News readers are only too happy to supply in what seems to be a neverending competition to make it onto the World’s Best Front Page.

For example, here’s today’s installment of just a crocodile eating a shark on a local beach. We can’t link to the story, because why would any news agency in their right mind give that away for free?

Here’s a couple more examples of the type of things NT crocs will get up to in order to grab a bit of publicity.

There’s crocs wielding chainsaws:

Crocs being planked upon:

And crocs that definitely are real:

But even the Northern Territory has its slow days.

Luckily, sex sells in the Top End as well as anywhere.

This was actually an Australian journalism award-winner. Respect.

You’ve got a horny ghost? You’ve got tomorrow’s front page.

And here’s our personal favourite. You don’t see this every day.

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