Here's Another Group Backed By Reddit That Has A Chance Of Getting The NSA To Stop Spying

Stop spying adActivists are raising money to run this ad.

Last week, we reported on a group called Stop Watching Us, backed by some big names in the Internet and using proven political tactics to put pressure on Congress to reveal the true scope of the NSA’s spying.

Today, a group called Restore The Fourth is also in full swing. In celebration of U.S. Independence Day the group has organised rallies in cities across the nation to march in protest of NSA spying.

The group was started on Reddit 23 days ago.

Both of these groups are working in conjunction with yet another group, the Internet defence League, a coalition of web companies that want to protect us from government abuse of the Internet and other issues. IDL was initially formed to fight The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and is perhaps best known for its Internet Blackout Day on January 18, 2012, in protest of SOPA. That’s when a group of sites went on strike in protest.

Today, July 4, members of the IDL have raised what they call the “Cat Signal” to encourage citizens concerned about government spying to take action.

What’s cool about this multi-group campaign is the types of action people can take to protest. The can:

  • March in protest. Here’s the list of protests organised today.
  • They can email their members of Congress with a few mouse clicks.
  • They can call their members of Congress, using a nifty tool that will automatically route you to your representative.
  • They can add code to their own websites to encourage others to email, call or march.
  • They can follow a Facebook group to keep up on all the other planned protests and activities.
  • And this is our personal favourite. They can contribute, Kickstarter style, to a fund raising money for a 30-second television ad to run in every major city in the country. The fund needs to raise $25,000 and the IDL coalition promises to match every donation dollar.

So, if NSA spying concerns you, there’s a plethora of choices to act on that, from donating a little money to getting on the phone with your congressman.

This kind of grass roots movement has had an impact before in stopping the SOPA bill, so there’s reason to hope it could help here, too.

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