Here's a sign that Windows 10 will be a hit with Microsoft's most important customers

Terry myerson microsoftScreenshotWindows chief Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group.

It’s been three months since Microsoft launched Windows 10 and the company on Thursday announced a progress report. Windows 10 is already running on a 110 million devices.

But here’s an even more critical number: of those 110 million, 14 million are running on enterprise computers.

There are a few interesting things about that number. It’s a big jump from the last time Microsoft revealed enterprise Windows 10 usage numbers. In September, Microsoft said that Windows 10 was running on 1.5 million enterprise machines, out of 75 million total users. That means enterprise users have also made up a larger percentage of new upgrades.

More significantly, Microsoft hasn’t even been pushing Windows 10 at enterprises at all, yet. The upgrading has basically been enterprise users stepping up on their own.

Microsoft was at first concentrating on features that consumers would like. On Thursday, it released a bunch of promised features to make business users, and their IT departments, happy.

True, 14 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the more than 1 billion Windows PCs used in the world, many of them at use at companies. But the fact that it’s crept in is a promising sign.

Companies don’t lightly upgrade their business PCs. It can take them a year or more to even think about it, followed by months of planning and testing, and then months of installing and upgrading. So while Windows 10 probably won’t take off in a big way at companies until 2016 and beyond, at least companies probably won’t bypass it altogether, as many did with Windows 8.

And that’s extremely important to Microsoft because Microsoft makes most of its money selling its software to businesses.

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