Here's Another Chart That Might Get Obama Fired...

Earlier, we published “the chart that might get Obama fired.”

The chart compares Obama’s projected unemployment rate versus the actual unemployment rate over the past four years.

Well, courtesy of ZeroHedge, here’s another chart that might get Obama fired.

It shows the “Consumer Comfort Index” from Bloomberg (definition below), which has plunged in recent months. The index still isn’t as low as it has been for most of the past four years, but it’s declining fast. If that trend continues through the election, it certainly won’t help Obama get re-elected.

Consumer Comfort Index

Photo: ZeroHedge

Here’s the definition of the Consumer Comfort index:

The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index measures Americans’ perceptions on three important variables: the state of the economy, personal finances and whether it’s a good time to buy needed goods or services. A new index reading is generated every week, making it a timely sentiment gauge. The responses are broken down by participants’ sex, age, income level, race, region of residence, political affiliation, marital and employment status, giving a more detailed picture of what is driving changes in confidence. The data’s history goes back to 1985, making it a valuable tool for investors and economists.

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