Here's an estimate of how many fake followers Australian MPs have on Twitter

Psst. Not everyone on the internet is real.

If you’re looking for an Australian political party which cares about its social media integrity, vote Greens. Online auditing tool TwitterAudit gives Greens leader Richard Di Natale an impressive 90% thumbs-up when it comes to how many of his Twitter followers are genuine.

Recently, Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore has come under fire after The Daily Telegraph found she had “tens of thousands” of fake followers. TweetAudit reckons 24,000 of her 38,000 followers are fake:

TwitterAudit admits its system is not perfect. It audits 5000 followers for a user and checks their feeds for signs they’ve been set up purely for spam purposes:

This score is based on number of tweets, date of the last tweet, and ratio of followers to friends

So we ran the ruler over the major parties and their most popular candidates on social media to find out if harvesting fake followers was limited to just the Moore camp.

It doesn’t look good for the Liberals, with none of their top five tweeters being able to claim 60% of their followers are real:


Labor fares a little better. Three of their top five get a “green thumb” status, but it seems Chris Bowen is a bit short on real friends:


Moore’s office admitted a lot of her followers were fake, but said she never paid a third party to harvest more followers, and blamed spam accounts for inflated numbers.

“There‚Äôs no way to stop people following you apart from blocking them,” a spokesman told the Telegraph.

Which must mean the Greens really, really care about the integrity of their social media accounts. Here’s how their top five stack up:


With the exception of Adam Bandt, either the Greens single-handedly weed out spammers, or spammers just don’t see any benefit in following their MPs.

Or maybe they don’t buy followers.

Check out the integrity of your Twitter profile at TwitterAudit here.

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