Here’s All The Dirt We Learned About ESPN Yesterday


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Publisher Little, Brown & Co. apparently lifted the paper-thin “embargo” on “Those Guys Have All The Fun,” giving sites like Deadspin and others that have gotten their hands on the elusive book the green light to starting flooding the zone with details.Here’s what’s came out this afternoon:

  • In the early days, ESPN (based in Connecticut) kept an apartment in NYC … that the mail room guys used for prostitution.
  • Company Christmas parties were drunken, drug-fuelled orgies. So was the office.
  • Michelle Beadle and Erin Andrews have a not-so-friendly rivalry. It’s not clear who’s winning, but Andrews was not the ESPN upfronts this week, and Beadle was.
  • Bill Simmons fancies himself quite the negotiator, but Chris Berman has never heard of him.
  • Courtesy of Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch (who interviewed author James Andrew Miller), folks in Bristol consider Deadspin to be “crack cocaine.”
  • The book apparently mentions Berman’s infamous “You’re With Me, Leather,” story (and he blames Tony Kornheiser for spilling it on the internet.)
  • Charley Steiner learned things from Miller that he never heard during his 14 years at the network.
  • Kornheiser was not well-received during his time on Monday Night Football.
  • NBC’s Dick Ebersol was impressed by ESPN’s talent, but mostly their ability to get away with murder:

“ESPN basically has to have one of their talent talk about Hitler or put a picture of their dick on a phone — which is what that Salisbury guy did — before they’ll do anything about any of these various crazies because they don’t have to. Nobody can touch them.”

There will be A LOT more where this came from. Tune in tomorrow.