Here’s A Way To Link Coupons To Your Credit Card That Won’t Creep You Out


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Beginning Friday, RetailMeNot will roll out a beta version of its new mobile couponing system at food trucks parked at Texas’s SXSW Festival. 

For now, they’re calling it ‘What the Truck?!’ but it’s likely to get a new brand once they’ve expanded the offering beyond street dining.

Unlike transaction-driven marketing – when banks track your purchase history and pump discounts for services to your online account – RetailMeNot sends users to a mobile site where they can control exactly which coupons apply to their credit cards. 

Here’s how it works:

Once a card is registered, consumers can put single-use coupons available at on their credit or debit card. As opposed to waiting for their credit or bank statement each month or logging online to see if the discount was applied, the new card-linked coupons identify the discount on the receipt at the point of purchase – another industry first! A simple swipe of the card at participating food trucks enables consumers to experience instant savings viewable on their receipt.

The offer will run from March 9-13 at more than a dozen participating food trucks. 

If you haven’t hit up coupon aggregating sites to save on shopping, what are you waiting for? Here are a few of our favourites: RetailMeNotCouponSherpa and FatWallet.

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