Here's a travel jacket you can hide 15kgs of luggage in

Photo: The Airport Jacket

The travel industry is constantly coming up with weird and wacky inventions to make life in the air more comfortable, affordable and generally just a bit easier.

There was that carry-on bag that fit 130 items, and a motorised suitcase that can speed through the airport. And don’t even get us started on the multitude of crazy neck pillow inventions.

So, with airlines cutting costs, charging more and even ending carry-on luggage, two budding entrepreneurs spotted an opportunity.

Photo: The Airport Jacket

Andrew Benke and Claire Murphy created the Airport Jacket which claims to give passengers a whopping extra 15kg of carry-on luggage.

The owners of an Australian marketing company, the couple invented the jacket which has 14 deep pockets to store your shoes, laptop and whatever other gadgets you might need on a flight.

Photo: The Airport Jacket

The trench coat style can be worn by men or women and also turns into a handy bag for walking through the airport.

It sounds good, but like all Kickstarter campaigns, we’re not sure if this invention will get off the ground (pun intended).

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