Here’s A Roundup Of The Flimsy Trade rumours Flying Around Before Tonight’s NBA Draft

steve nash phoenix suns nba

Photo: AP

With the NBA Draft just hours away, trade rumours are coming in from all angles.There’s an abundance of anonymous sources, and a dearth of concrete news.

Here’s some of the deals people may or may not have made up:

Andre Iguodala to the Lakers for Lamar Odom and Luke Walton.

Andrew Iguodala to the Clippers for Chris Kaman.

Tony Parker to the Kings for the 7th-overall pick.

Raymond Felton to the Kings for the 7th-overall pick.

Johnny Flynn to the Knicks for Toney Douglass.

Steve Nash to the Knicks for Chauncey Billups.

Steve Nash to the Timberwolves for the 2nd-overall pick.

Lamar Odom to the Timberwolves for the 2nd-overall pick.

Monta Ellis to Philly, Orlando, and Los Angeles for Andre Iguodala, Dwight Howard, and Lamar Odom, respectively.

Corey Maggette and the Bucks’ 10th-overall pick to the highest bidder.

Hawks forward Josh Smith to the highest bidder.

So many sources, so little idea if any of these rumours are substantive.

Many of these reports have been swiftly denied by the teams involved.

The Suns president of basketball operations told yesterday, “We are not trading Steve Nash. Period. Exclamation.”

And today the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that the Iguodala trade talks have died down.

So don’t expect much, and prepare to be bitterly disappointed if your team is being linked to a superstar.

Somehow LeBron is responsible for this madness.

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