Here's A Rare Behind-The-Scenes Look At Apple's Headquarters In Cupertino

Apple headquarters 13

Photo: YouTube

Apple rarely gives outsiders a look inside its Cupertino headquarters, but apparently the company makes an exception when it’s trying to recruit people. 9to5mac found a recent corporate recruitment video on Apple’s website which provides a nice look at what goes on behind the scenes at Cupertino.

The video takes you inside the studios of designers and engineers, as well as providing a glimpse at meeting rooms, offices and more.

We’ve taken some screengrabs of the most noteworthy scenes.

Welcome to Apple's headquarters in Cupertino...

First up on our tour: Apple's user interface design lab.

UI design engineers are seen here working out a problem by hand on a white board in the lab.

Two employees chat in a common area with their MacBooks and iPhone at the ready. And what's that behind them?

It looks like an artsy version of the iPod silhouette ads hangs overhead in this space.

Here's one of Apple's conference rooms.

Several Apple employees consult a bulletin board, which appears to show pictures of product prototypes.

Apple employees inspect the design on an iPad in their studio...

We sure hope that's not a stylus!

Another Apple engineer molds the shell of an iPad.

Here's a closeup shot of an iPad being worked on.

Apple employees test out cases for the iPad.

The electronics studio is flooded with parts of devices like iMacs.

We have no idea what this machine does, but it looks amazing.

Another Apple conference room where the company holds lectures.

The work space of one of Apple's marketing and communications employees.

Given how secretive the company can be, it's nice to see some Apple employees get to work in an open office layout.

It looks like Apple employees get to bring their bikes to work.

Want to see what Apple's new campus will look like?

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