Here's A Peek Into The Luxurious Lifestyle Of Indian Billionaires

From a peek inside the yacht Vijay Mallya bought from Hollywood star Liz Taylor and a tour of Anil Ambani’s private jet to a glance at who holidays where, here’s a look inside the luxury life of the Indian billionaire…

This post originally appeared on Luxpresso.

Indian billionaires' holiday hotspots

India's jet set regularly fly off to exotic destinations when they need a break. Here's are some holiday destinations India's billionaires jet of to, when they want a little R&R..
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The perks of being a billionaire

With the number of millionaires rapidly rising, the new goal for the wealthy is to make it to billionaire status. Once achieved, what does one do with all these billions? We give you six best perks of a billionaire lifestyle..
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Billionaires' properties you can rent

What do some of the richest people in the world do with all their money? Use it to make some more of course! Whether it's to avoid additional taxes or to make more moolah, billionaires all over the world are putting their properties such as vacation homes...
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Now, Indian billionaires are shopping for islands

It seems Indian billionaires aren't satisfied with acquiring luxury cars and homes. Now, they're angling to buy islands where they can build these homes and drive these cars..
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Indian billionaires and their private jets

Just like Donald Trump, who just added a Boeing 757 to his fleet, Indian billionaires too own some very expensive private jets..
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Billionaires and their toys

There's only so much that money can buy, and these billionaires are buying it all! Now we know that all boys love their toys and these big boys only settle for the best of the lot. From the fast lane to the blue seas, they make sure they travel in nothing less.....
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