Here's A Look Inside One Of Sydney's Most Exclusive Co-Working Spaces

Just for a moment, forget everything you know about co-working.

Rid your mind of visions of ping pong tables, fake grass and outdoor furniture strategically placed inside in some hipster fashion.

Dismiss pictures of noisy startups, skin-tight jeans and tech people madly coding.

Now, take a deep breath. This co-working space is different.

Up on Elizabeth Street in Sydney’s CBD you’ll find Work Club, a co-working space which is the brainchild of Soren Trampedach and focuses on execs who prefer the finer elements life has to offer.

Work Club founder Soren Trampedach. Image: Supplied.

When the lift opens on level eight what you walk into is more like a calming work sanctuary rather than a bustling co-working hub.

Taking in the smell of leather and timber, a smartly dressed concierge, Matt, greeted me in a professional, organised manner.

He offered me an organic tea or coffee and directed me to sit in a handmade leather chair which had been shipped in from Denmark.

It set the scene for what the space’s designer Trampedach is trying to create.

It’s the small details which come together to create what is a sophisticated workplace. I’m told it is regularly frequented by Qantas execs and many of the top end of town.

Memberships to Work Club are by application only but Trampedach assures me it’s not elitist. The acceptance process, which includes a one-on-one with Trampedach, is for screening purposes.

“We want diversity,” he said. “I want to assess how they’re going to contribute to the community… there’s no big egos here. I don’t care how much money they have.”

Social events here aren’t pizza and beer nights. It’s more whisky and fine wine tastings.

And if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, the concierge is happy to organise meditation sessions or book an appointment with a nutritionist or natropath on your behalf. Trampedach said it’s all part of the service which he describes as a “holistic” approach to work.

Here’s a look inside Work Club Sydney.

Walking in off Elizabeth Street, the lobby of number 99 is quiet, clean and fresh.

The lift looks pretty new, there are screens which show market data on them as well.

Entering Work Club, the concierge greets you, this is what you see first.

While the assistant fetches you an organic green tea you're directed to sit in these hand made chairs from Denmark.

Black steel shelves of leather bound books create dividers between different spaces throughout. You can smell the leather.

Even some of the meeting tables are bound in untreated leather. It's all very lux.

The space is broken up into a variety of different areas. There are private offices, open plan desks and private cubicles. It's designed for people to choose a space which suits their work mood each day.

There's an incredibly luxurious lounge area with a killer city view. The table was once a leather gym mat.

But it's all about working in an environment which is beautiful. Look at the view over Hyde Park.

The board room is also impressive.

But it's not all about work. There's a breakout area that feels more like you're hanging out in an upmarket New York penthouse rather than an office. Soft music also fills the area in this part of the floor, adding to the mood.

The kitchen is also quite sleek.

The tea drawer is pretty exciting. So much choice!

But it's the view which makes it.

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