Pokémon Go is facing a lawsuit in the US for trespass

Photo: Lam Yik Fei/ Getty Images.

A US homeowner has applied for a class-action lawsuit against Niantic, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo the creators of the viral augmented reality mobile game Pokémon Go.

New Jersey resident Jeffrey Marder filed a lawsuit against the game saying it encourages people to trespass on to private property to access Pokéstops and Pokémon gyms.

The lawsuit centres also around the fact that the game’s creators then proceeded to profit from this act of trespass.

The suit alleges the defendants have “shown a flagrant disregard for the foreseeable consequences of populating the real world with virtual Pokemon without seeking the permission of property owners”.

Since its release a number of locations have asked to be removed from Pokemon Go, including most recently Rhodes, an area in Sydney that was being swamped with hundreds of players every night.

The suit requests class action status on the grounds that the legal costs of pursuing a case against the defendants would be prohibitively high for most people.

Here’s a look at the lawsuit in question>>.

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