Here's a look at the evolution of NBN Co's branding since it launched in 2009

In an era where information is easily accessible and super fast – thanks to social media and hand-held devices – staying relevant and on trend is a common challenge for big brands.

One Australian company that had struggled to hit the sweet spot with its consumers is NBN Co.

The Australian government-owned corporation tasked to design, build and operate Australia’s National Broadband Network has had difficultly connect with the public despite a number of brand reinventions over the years.

When it was first launched in April 2009, the Government referred to the company as the “National Broadband Network Company”. This was later changed to “NBN Co Limited” in October of the same year and then to “NBN Co”.

Now it’s dropping the “Co” — read more on that here.

According to branding expert Ryan Brown, the Brand and Buzz Strategist at HubSpot, a great logo should tell consumers exactly what they need to know about your brand with just one look.

“Logos should be simple, clear, consistent, memorable and versatile so they can translate across different types of media, and can be placed on different types of backgrounds,” he says.

“Your logo isn’t your brand; everything your company says and does makes up your brand. Your logo is how people will recognise your company and potentially tell them how they should feel about you. A strong, well-designed logo will help a company tremendously, but it’s no substitute for building a company with a great product or service and treating your customers well.”

As the NBN company rolls out what it calls its “inspiring and aspirational” new look (and slogan – “NBN: Bring it on”), here’s a look at how the brand has developed its logo over the years.

This was its first logo.

And its second...

And finally the third and most recent.

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