Here's a look at some of the Pokemon Go events going on around Australia

Photo: Drew Angerer/ Getty Images.

People everywhere are coming together with a common goal — catching Pokemon.

Since the mobile app launched last week gamers and Pokemon fans have gone nuts.

People have even organised Pokemon Go walks to get gamers together and go hunting for Pokemon.

Here’s a look at some of the ones that have already been held.

This is a Pokemon Go walk in Perth on July 9.

People gathered at pokestops around Southbank.

Perth police even got in on the action.

Here’s the walk that went down in Sydney yesterday.

More than 5000 people confirmed they were attending the event via the organised Facebook page, while approximately 13,000 registered their interest.

Kotaku Australia’s Alex Walker was at the event.

“By the end of the day — which saw me drain my phone battery twice, after draining it three times on Saturday — I’d gone from level 11 to 17, and hatched a Porygon… And on top of that, I picked up a ~1400 rated Exeggcute, which smashes the snot out of just about everything at the gyms where I live.

“It was the perfect day,” writes Alex.

Read more about what he had to say about the walk here.

Want to get in on the action? Here are some of the other Pokemon Go events that have been organised across the country over the next two weeks.

July 16Pokémon GO Brisbane City Adventure!

7600 have registered their interest, 2000 have confirmed they’re going.

July 17First ‘QLD Pokemon Go’ Picnic

11,000 have registered their interest, 3,100 have confirmed they’re going.

July 17 Pokemon GO Canberra Walk #1

3,700 have registered their interest, 1,400 have confirmed they’re going.

July 23Pokemon Go ng. Wollongong Day Walk

2,500 have registered their interest, 838 have confirmed they’re going.

July 24 Pokemon Go Brisbane – Team Valor Walk

1,500 have registered their interest, 311 have confirmed they’re going.

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