Here’s A Look At Callaway Golf’s New Justin Timberlake-Influenced Ad Campaign

Back in December, Callaway Golf hired Justin Timberlake as creative director in an effort to “connect with the next generation of golfers.” And beginning this weekend, we will get our first look at Callaway’s new ad campaign that was strongly influenced by the singer/actor.

And it is a good thing. Because nothing says unhip and uncontemporary more than a business executive like Jeff Colton, a VP at Callaway saying they want their ad campaign to be “hip and contemporary.”

Suzanne Vranica of The Wall Street Journal spoke with Timberlake who said that the goal now is “to make a statement that was more rock ‘n’ roll.” And if this behind-the-scenes look a commercial shot in Las Vegas is any indication, the commercials won’t be dull…