Here's a look around the stadium that will host the 2017 NRL grand final

Photo: Sarah Kimmorley.

With the NRL football grand final coming up on October 1, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a look around the stadium which will host the event.

Purpose-built for the Sydney Olympics in 2000 at a cost of $690 million, ANZ stadium has had a whopping 24.5 million fans walk through its turnstiles since the venue opened in March 1999.

Made of 22,000 tonnes of steel, 180 kilometres of electrical cabling, and 90,000 cubic meters of concrete — equivalent to 18,000 truckloads that would stretch from Homebush Bay to Newcastle — the mammoth structure can hold as many as 83,000 people.

It hosted the largest Olympic crowd ever, recording 114,714 people for the 2000 Sydney Olympics Closing Ceremony on 1 October, 2000. It also holds the Olympic record for a single session of track and field: 112,524 people packed into the stadium to see Cathy Freeman race for gold on 25 September, 2000.

Within its walls, the stadium has three grades of premium seating for sports buffs and music fans seeking a special experience at the high-profile events the stadium hosts each year. They include:

  • 1300 Centreline Seats, where there’s a range of full-strength beers from the bar;
  • 120 open corporate boxes, with gourmet food served through the show, and
  • 105 private suites with the ultimate in catering and comfort.

Business Insider took a tour around the stadium — and its reserved areas — in between events. Here’s what we found.

Here we are: the storied ANZ Stadium

More than 24.5 million fans have walked through the stadium’s turnstiles since the venue opened in March 1999 at a cost of $690 million.

When no events are on the huge arena -- purpose-built for the Olympics in 2000 -- seems even more colossal in size

With a capacity of above 83,000 for major events, you can see the need for the grandeur.

It's less than 20 years old but there's a sense of history about the grounds

In we go, through Gate L, at the back of the stadium

The foyer here is clean and modern

First stop is level 2: The Centreline Seats section, which is open for individual premium seating during big events

Tickets for these seats cost $450 each.

It's huge inside. You can imagine the expansive area would take a large crowd comfortably

This area is a cash bar, where spectators get their own food and drinks

Unlike the rest of the stadium, these reserved areas are the only places that stock full-strength beer

Walking outside, the view is already awesome. These grey boxes are where coaches sit during football games

The seats here look right down the halfway line, and provide a view of the entire field

Not bad!

But best of all is the seats themselves

With comfy padding, and cup holders, you never need to leave it

Moving on. Here's what the concourse looks like when it's not full of thousands of people

Next up is the Zone Boxes: one of two areas have the best seats in the house.

They are also positioned on level 2, between the 20 metre lines.

Similar to the Centreline Seats lounge this area is open and spacious, but a little more fancy

The bar is stocked with similar drinks, but this time they come to you!

Zone Box staff service the boxes, and each suite has a dedicated attendant all evening.

Beers like Hahn Super Dry and James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale is on tap

Other beverages like Tyrell's Pinot Noir Chardonnay Sparkling, Raw Nui Sauvignon Blanc and soft drinks are also available

A barista can make you a coffee if you need a hit of caffeine

Now for what you really pay for: the seats

These boxes are available for groups of 8 at a cost of $5,400, 12 at a cost of $8,100 or 16 for $10,800.

This section: 54-67, has the best seats in this area

Here's why

This is the view from selecting a seat at random

This is the view from a seat in the front row of the section: perfect viewing from the halfway line

Again, luxurious seats

But this time with the addition of a stocked bar fridge. Customers here get a gourmet food menu.

As part of the menu guests are served sushi on arrival, a pre-show meal, small bites during the show and strawberry and rhubarb shortcake for dessert.

It's the small things that make a difference. Like this bottle opener

And saving the best for last is the private suites on level 3

This hallway looks like it goes on forever

And the lounges which are used for photo opportunities and the like

Let's look inside


The suites are available for groups of 14 people at a cost of $11,200, or 20 people for $16,000.

This time the kitchen is inside the room, stocked with your every need, with both dinner and supper menus available. Supper!

Guests are served food from two menus during their time in these suites.

Starting with a cocktail menu made up of hot and cold selections including eggplant kibbeh with mint yoghurt, and Jamon Iberico on crisp sourdough.

They also have a dinner dish of chicken katsu, pickled vegetable and rice, and homemade marshmallows for dessert.

And if that's not enough, there's also a supper menu of panko crumbed chicken, and mini beef pies.

No barista this time though. Instead it's a Nespresso coffee machine

The view from inside

And outside

This is the other best seat for the Adele concert that we mentioned earlier

Oh look -- the Zone Boxes are below

Here are the outdoor seats for the private suites. One thing they don't have is the cup holder, but it's a small trade-off for private waiter service and high-end beverages all night

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