Here's A Joke About Anti-Japanese Protests Currently Being Sent Around In China

Shanghaiist points us towards the following joke currently making the rounds on Weibo:

Weibo Joke Japan China

Here’s a translation from Shanghaiist:

Said the government official to his secretary, “What Japanese products do I have on me? Run a check.” The secretary reported, “Check complete. Not a single item. Your car is from Germany, your watch is from Switzerland, your clothes are from France, your mobile phone is Apple, your child is in the United States, your property is in Australia, and your bank account is in Hong Kong. And your mistresses — they’re all made in China.”

“Great,” said the official, “Then let’s unite the people and let’s all boycott Japanese products!”

The joke does not only alludes to the extravagent lifestyles of corrupt Chinese officials, but it also points to widely suspected government support of this month’s anti-Japanese riots.

As you can see from our screen-grab, the post has already been forwarded (retweeted) almost 28,000 times — and this is only one iteration of the joke we found on Weibo.

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