Here’s a full list of the best Amazon Prime deals as Amazon Prime Day kicks off in Australia

Amazon Prime Day is here. Ant Palmer/Getty Images

Australia is the first in the world to kick off Amazon Prime Dayan annual global shopping event that offers massive sales for Amazon Prime members. The sales event runs globally from 15 – 16 July but Australia gets a whopping 65 hours of shopping, with US deals available until 5pm AEST on the 17th. This means plenty of time for you to get your hands on heavily discounted products, from tech and appliances to beauty and clothing.

You’ll score even better deals if you are signed up to Amazon Prime, which will set you back $6.99 a month. In good news, you can also cancel at anytime.

Amazon Prime Day was introduced in 2015. The first Amazon Prime Day was a one-day-only retail holiday that sought to overtake Black Friday in the US as the sales event of the year. Last year’s Prime Day was the biggest shopping day in Amazon’s history and time will tell whether this year’s event will be a record breaker.

Here’s a list of some of the best deals you can get on Prime Day:

Day 2 deals now available:

Day 1 deals now available:

Please note some of these deals are only available for a limited time.

Not what you are looking for? Here are all the deals from Amazon Prime Day.

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