Here's A Look At Some Of The Small Changes Coming To Android

Google has been tweaking its next version of Android, codenamed “L,” and a new video surfaced by Myce (via 9to5Google) shows us what some of the specific changes to the browser and user interface look like.

The changes were spotted in the Chromium issue tracker, which is Google’s tool for keeping track of “bugs and feature development.” The listing revealed a brief video of an app crashing on Android L; the video is only 20 seconds, but it shows off several new details about Android L, with regards to its design. 

Here’s the video:

PhoneArena mapped the differences between the previous Android L build and the latest one depicted in the video above. 

As you can see along the top banner, the WiFi signal has changed, the clock is now bolder, and the Google Play icon has turned into what looks like a shopping bag. Along the bottom, the navigation icons are smaller but bolder, which allows them to be spaced further apart. 

Android L was unveiled in June. The new update centres around a completely redesigned visual interface that’s built to be more responsive, called “material design.” You can learn more about Android L here

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