These Chinese Kids Commute To School By Climbing Rocks And Fording A River

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Photo: CCTV

We can pretty much guarantee that your morning commute has nothing on the kids of Pili Village in China.Located deep in the autonomous region of Xinjiang, Pili is home to more than 80 school eligible children.

And the adults of the village want to give them the education they need, even if that means taking them over 200 kilometers to the nearest school each semester.

This isn’t a 200 kilometer stroll: the trail is wrought with roaring rivers, inch-wide cliff crossings, and unsanitary drinking water.

The story was originally covered on CCTV and was retweeted 16,000 over the weekend, according to China Hush. It helps that there was a happy ending: the kids are shown in class at the end of the piece.

The mountainous patchwork region of Xinjiang.

The children, their families and chaperones, donning military gear, meet to discuss the plan.

A mother says goodbye to her son before he embarks.

The kids are leaving for the semester, and it's not guaranteed they will make it back.

80 kilometers of the 200 kilometer trip are perilous.

There are four freezing and turbulent river crossings for the group.

The trail narrows to the point where the only way across is one by one, with a steep drop below.

The fear of falling is palpable and real.

Ropes are sometimes used to help ferry people across dangerous slopes.

Some spots force the kids to deal with the danger on their own.

This water is not potable, but the travellers' thirst is impossible to quench otherwise.

Eventually the pack train reaches pay dirt: the school's campus.

And the kids seem eager and happy to be there.

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