Here's a $185,000 decanter for the Grange drinker who already has everything

The Grange imperial decanter. Source: supplied

The new vintage of Penfold’s Grange, Australia’s most famous wine, hits bottleshop shelves on Thursday, October 20, with the price jumping another 8.3% to a new record of $850 for the 2012 vintage.

It’s one of 19 wines of the “2016 collection”, with Penfolds’ parent company Treasury Wine Estates, increasing prices on a number of the wines in the portfolio by around 10% this year.

But there’s good news for millennials looking for something to drink with their $22 brunch of smashed avocado and crumbled feta, Penfolds has collaborated with the French glassmaker, Saint-Louis to produce a range of decanters you can pour your Grange from. It’s the first time Saint-Louis, which dates back to 1586, has collaborated with a non-European brand.

Top of the range is a $185,000 decanter kit containing an imperial (6-litre) bottle of 2012 Grange. Yes, at that price, the wine is included. Penfolds says the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual is a crystal objet d’art that “respects the rarity of each drop of Grange”. It also comes with a smaller decanter you pour the wine into from your 8-bottle crystal bottle holder.

Penfolds chief winemaker Peter Gago is equally impressed.

“Care, double decanting and ceremony is woven into the fabric of Penfolds and transcends the ordinary. The elevation of the service ritual by way of the Penfolds Aevum Imperial Service Ritual enhances the enjoyment of Grange to release aromas and flavours through aeration, and importantly delivers an unforgettable visual experience and sense of occasion,” he said.

Saint-Louis has made five of the hand-blown decanters and you can pick one up from tomorrow at the Magill Estate cellar door in South Australia. Of course once you run out of Grange imperials, no doubt a 4lt cask of Riverina red would task better coming out of the decanter would taste better too and it would be fun to see if your friends notice the difference.

But if you are a millennial looking to save for a home, the good news is there’s also a cheaper version – the $2100 Aevum crystal decanter, also by Saint-Louis, which comes with a 750ml bottle of the 2012 Grange.

Penfolds says the “exquisite and visually enchanting decanter which features the striking diamond cut, a signature hallmark of Saint-Louis crystal” and “is artistically designed to delicately aerate the wine”.

Treasury Wine Estates shares closed the day steady at $11.49, a rise of around 5% on $10.85 this time a month ago.

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