Australia's stunning home loan market, in 5 charts

Photo: Simon Bruty/Allsport

Earlier today the ABS released its housing finance report for January, revealing Australian home loan lending — whether measured in dollar terms or actual home loans — continued to soften during the month.

Like many of the ABS data releases, the report was far more than just the headline figures. Countless spreadsheets, analysis and commentary offer a treasure trove of information for anyone who dares to go looking.

That’s what we’ve done here at Business Insider.

Here’s five charts that we’ve created using the ABS data that looks at recent developments in home loan lending, the composition of lending, the level of outstanding home loan balances and the average home loan size.

We’ll let the pictures do the speaking.

1. Monthly home loan lending

2. Annual growth in lending

3. The outstanding balance of Australian home loans

4. The increase in outstanding home loan balances over the past decade

5. The average home loan size for owner-occupiers (no data related to investors)

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