Here Is Why This CEO Coach Thinks Australia's Top Bosses Should Hire Him

Photo: Getty/Mark Kolbe

Gary Ranker is an executive coach.

Like athletes, who have someone to push them — and tell them what they need to do better, CEOs need tips as well.

Ranker was interviewed for an article in the Australian Financial Review. Here’s why he thinks chief executives need a coach:

“It is a clear recognition it is a highly competitive environment where someone else is going to jump higher, run faster, next month. You can’t stay the same,” he said in the article.

“The CEO has to find ways of becoming more productive and more efficient because the environment expects it. They can’t work more hours; they are already doing that. They cannot become more diligent. They cannot became smarter.

“What they can do is have an outside person make minor adjustments.”

Read the article here.

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