Here Is Why Price Match Guarantee Is Actually Not Guaranteed This Christmas

Retail industry leaders are warning shoppers against the catchy advertising jargon used by the major retailers to lure you into their stores this Christmas.

Business Insider spoke to the Chief Executive of about farce of price matching happening with Australia’s biggest retailers.

Here is what Ruslan Kogan had to say about price matching shams and how some guarantees don’t properly reflect the whole market.

    “Some of Australia’s biggest retailers have been using price matching or price beating offers to try and lure shoppers in to their stores for years. These offers have become completely useless and irrelevant.

    Big retailers use it to try and convey that they have the best prices, without having to actually have the best prices. But, we know Aussie shoppers are smarter than that. They’re switched on, they know how to compare the market quickly, and they’re waking up to that fact.

    Aussie shoppers look everywhere for the best deal — offline and online — and any true price matching deal should reflect that. Of course the big retailers have covered their asses — their long terms and conditions do state (among many other things) that they won’t match an online retailer. But their loud advertising that fills the airwaves doesn’t explicitly say this proactively.”

Check out what happened Harvey Norman was asked whether it would match Australia’s biggest online store:

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