Here Is Why Having The Wrong Domain Name Can Cause Your Business To Flounder

James Richardson

What’s in a name? Apparently $33,000 dollars.

That is how much Optimising has just bought the domain name for – making it the largest publicly known investment in an Australian domain name this year.

But just how important is it for businesses to have the right domain name?

We spoke to James Richardson, the founder of, a new online marketing agency which provides scalable SEO services for big brands and large corporates, to find out the impact a good domain name has on a business.

“Your domain name is on everything from print material, business cards, to email signatures,” Richardson said. “[So] having a domain name you are happy with, and one your customers remembers, is vital.”

Big and small

“Having a good domain name is important for all business, no matter the size,” says Richardson. “A great and memorable domain name is not only easier for customers to remember and associate with, it can help your website stand out from other businesses in the same Google search results.”

Richardson told Business Insider the key to great SEO practices was making the website as enjoyable as possible for its visitors.

“Australian businesses need to focus on having great content that their customers want, providing a great user experience for their users on the website, and making it easy to make a decision on the website whether that be to call, or to buy a product.”

He said a common challenge that larger companies often faced was simply implementing SEO on a large scale.

“Large corporates face unique SEO challenges, typically around the size of their website and the number of different products, brands and services available,” Richardon said.

While an SME may manage hundreds or perhaps a few thousand key words, Richardson said large companies must handle multiple domains, brands or products which could have many thousands of keywords to optimise.

And that’s where Optimising comes in.

Whether it be implementing strategies to take advantage of marketing channels or figuring out how to get the most out of an ad spend, this business only has one goal in mind – and that’s to deliver better Google rankings for its customers.

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