Here Is What Lindt Said About The Sydney Siege

Lindt cafe manager Tori Johnson. Photo: LinkedIn

The chief executive of Lindt has said he’s deeply saddened by the tragic end to the siege at the company’s cafe on Martin Place in central Sydney, in which two hostages and a gunman were killed.

Lindt coffee shop manager 34-year-old Tori Johnson was one of the two hostages who lost their lives in the siege. Three Lindt employees managed to escape the scene late yesterday afternoon.

Here is the statement from the company.

As the hostage-taking in our Café in Sydney came to an end, Lindt & Sprüngli is profoundly saddened and deeply affected about the death of innocent people. We are devastated by the loss of their lives and that several others were wounded and had to experience such trauma. Our thoughts and feelings are with the victims and their families who have been through an incredible ordeal, and we want to pay tribute to their courage and bravery.

“I’m shocked and deeply saddened by the terrible incident that has taken place in Sydney”, says Ernst Tanner, Chairman and Group CEO Lindt & Sprüngli. “I cannot believe that such an act of violence happened. I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the victims and their families. In these difficult times we all need to stand together in order to defend the values of freedom, peace and tolerance.”

Our immediate concerns are for the innocent people who were taken hostage in a place which was chosen in such a random way. We are thankful that most of the hostages who were involved in this terrible criminal act were freed by the intervention of the New South Wales Police Forces and would like to thank them for their service.

“Lindt & Sprüngli will provide any support to the victims and their families, and indeed to all our employees affected by this event. We are grateful for the support we received from the public in Australia and from all around the world”, says Steven Loane, CEO Lindt & Sprüngli in Australia.


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