This map of jobs you're most likely to find in each state shows how different job markets are across the country

If you’re an EMT, you’re more likely to live in the state of Georgia than anywhere else. If you’re a fashion designer, you probably reside in New York.

That’s according to new data from PayScale, the creator of the world’s largest compensation database.

PayScale created a map that reveals the most common jobs in each state based on the relative commonness of each job title compared to all jobs. (Scroll over each state to see exactly how common the job is.)

To be clear, these are not the job titles with the most workers in each state — they’re the jobs you are more likely to find in one particular state compared to the country as a whole.

For example, the relative commonness for the job “gaming dealer” in Nevada in “36.2x,” meaning workers in the Silver State are 36.2 times as likely to work as gaming dealers than anywhere else.

“Local economies drive common job titles, so we weren’t surprised to find that automotive engineers dominate Michigan, or that mining engineers are most likely to be found in Colorado,” PayScale writes. “Virginia is home to the most senior intelligence analysts, so government agencies and think tanks show their presence that way.”

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