Here is the first Australian-built electric car

A Melbourne-based company has started manufacturing for the first ever Australian-built electric car.

It’s not going to be a Tesla killer though, with the LV1 made by Tomcar aimed squarely at the mining industry. Tomcar is currently one of the leading makers of recreational carts and buggies in Australia and has been developing the LV1 for the past two years.

Tomcar is claiming its LV1 is the “world’s toughest EV” and packs a 100kW/300Nm electric motor, with a battery pack ranging in sizes from 12-20kWh.

Gizmodo reports that it is the “most Australian” vehicle in recent times, with more than 60% of parts from Australia and will be hand built at the company’s Melbourne factory. Holden’s Cruze, which is assembled in Australia, only features just 4% of parts from local suppliers.

The LV1 has been designed for the deep tunnels of Australia’s mines. Underground holds one of the biggest use cases for electric vehicles, with zero emissions making it easier for miners to breath while they’re underground. It can also be charged within mine corridors, and voids the need for trucks to bring in fuel for cars.

Thanks to the placement of batteries, Tomcar says it has the same centre of gravity as a Porsche and is able to tip on a 45-degree angle without rolling over. When navigating underground tunnels this flexibility is important.

Production for the LV1 starts in November.

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