Here Is The 30 Second Version Of Adweek's Gossipy Takedown Of Jared Kushner And The Observer

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Adweek’s Dylan Byers appears to be intent on making a name for himself by being a one-man Gawker…circa 2007.

A few weeks ago he wrote a fairly scathing (and much-criticised…see the comments section) piece about Rachel Sterne.

He followed that up with a strikingly similar, and once again mean-spirited, take on new New York Observer Editor Elizabeth Spiers.

Now Byers has taken on the cast of characters at the Observer. Here is a 30-second version of his takedown:

  • The once-respectable Observer is now run by a “wool over his eyes” social climber Jared Kushner and a “universally reviled” “used-car salesman” Christopher Barnes.
  • Kushner purchased the Observer in 2006 and to turn it he around hired Barnes in 2009, who he looks at as the paper’s “salvation,” though Barnes only cares about ad revenue and has “contempt” for editorial content.
  • Did we mention that Barnes is really, really despised? “Christopher is so proud of the way he fired people,” one former employee said. He once “started screaming” at an employee who resigned and then “got on his hands and knees, crawled under her desk, unplugged her computer, and walked away with the cord.”
  • Former Gawker editor Elizabeth Spiers, who was just hired as the fourth Observer editor in two years — is a last sign that Kusher still has the desire to raise the tone of the Observer, but the double threat of Kushner and Barnes cannot be overcome. “She’s going to run screaming in a couple of months,” one former employee said.

Many of the sources cited are “former employees” of the Observer and / or Barnes — who may not always provide an unbiased outlook on the current situation at the paper. But Byers has certainly stirred the pot.

Click here to read his article in full >

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