Here Is The 17 Minute-Long 'Documentary' Put Out By The Obama Campaign That Everyone Is Talking About

The Barack Obama campaign has paid for a 17-minute documentary of the first term of the first black president. And here it is narrated by Tom Hanks. 

Here’s my synopsis:

Obama was handed the worst economy ever in the history of humanity. It was basically the Black Death of money and prosperity. And even though that totally wasn’t fair, Obama and his team manned up and saved the economy from collapsing on itself like a dying star.

Basically the only thing standing between your current mostly-comfortable existence and a howling wasteland where you would be foraging for expired cans of tuna and thankful even to eat a rat and live in an earthen mud hut is Barack Obama. It was THAT BAD. 

Then Obama saved the car industry, fixed health-care, and killed Osama Bin Laden too. Best. President Ever.

It is riveting cinema.  And it cost Obama about $345,000 to produce it. 


We’ll have more coverage soon. 

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