Land Rover's Classic SUV Is Getting A Major Makeover

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Reveal Intrepid Virgin GalacticJaguar Land RoverThe Discovery Vision Concept made its debut in New York City on Monday night.

A quarter century after the debut of the Discovery, Land Rover has revealed a concept version of the classic SUV that heralds a very different future.

Revealed in New York City Monday night, the Discovery Vision Concept is stunning, but it doesn’t look like its predecessors.

Gone are the brick-like dimensions that have defined the model since its introduction in 1989, turning the square-jawed brute into a pretty boy.

The trademark boxy outline has been exchanged for aggressive curves, a change that Land Rover says previews the look of its future production models.

The concept also features outward opening suicide doors and a panoramic glass roof that will bring in tons of light, Land Rover says.

The result is a car that looks rather like a Range Rover, but should cost a lot less when a production version hits the market in 2015. The current Discovery 4, marketed in the U.S. as the LR4, starts for about $US50,000, compared to $US84,000 for the Range Rover.

“Its modern, relevant and compelling design is a significant shift from [the] Discovery as we know it,” Land Rover design director and chief creative officer Gerry McGovern said at a glitzy event onboard the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, adding that the
Discovery would serve as the basis for multiple Land Rover models.

On top of striking design, the Discovery Vision Concept pushes the boundaries of automotive technology. Land Rover says the driver will be able to change gears with hand gestures and manoeuvre the vehicle while not in the driver seat. Don’t expect all of that futuristic tech to make it past regulations and into a production version.

Being a Land Rover, the Discovery Vision Concept is packed to the brim with off-road tech as well. The coolest bit is the “invisible bonnet” system that allows uses cameras to project a view of what’s under the car onto the windshield — great for driving in rough terrain.

Here’s the 2014 Discovery 4:

And a look at the vehicle’s future:

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