Here Is How Kevin Rudd's Brother Says The PM Will React To A Loss Tomorrow Night

Getty / Chris Hyde

With polls widely predicting a Labor loss at the election on Saturday night, Greg Rudd has told radio station 3AW how he thinks his brother will react.

“Right from a very early age, Kevin doesn’t handle defeat or rejection well. And that’s only because – I wouldn’t say that a weakness or anything wrong – it’s just that he’s filled with so much self-belief that what he’s doing is right.

“So he won’t handle it well, and he’ll find it difficult to understand why – because the election won’t just be small loss, I think it’ll be a larger than small loss. And in his own head, I think he’ll find it difficult to understand why that’s occurred.

“So Kev will have a bit of a learning experience and a bit of a self-education experience to go through, but he is an intelligent guy, at heart he’s a nice guy, and I think he’ll come out of it OK.”

Greg Rudd, a Queensland independent Senate candidate, also gave his own election prediction.

He said his brother had “zero chance” of winning.

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