Here Is Gerry Harvey On The Mood In The Business Community After The Federal Election

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One of Australia’s leading businessman has summed up the mood in the the corporate sector after the recent federal election.

Gerry Harvey told The Australian it was “no secret” business had a bad relationship with Labor, which has now been swept into opposition.

Here’s what he said about sentiment, and what he’s using to gauge his opinion:

Given that poor relationship is now finished, there is no doubt that business people out there would be feeling a lot more confident than they have for a long time.

Confidence is a wonderful thing, so maybe they’ll have a more optimistic vision of the future.

I’ve been talking to hundreds of people in our stores, and 90-95 per cent are optimistic sales are going to be better this year.

I trust that sort of feedback more than anything else.

Harvey is the boss of retail mega chain Harvey Norman.

Read more at The Australian.

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