Here is Crown’s statement on the jailing of its executives in China and a $1.67 million fine

Crown Melbourne. Source: supplied

Crown Resorts has released the following statement on news that 16 employees, including three Australians, arrested in China have been jailed and fined after appearing in court in Shanghai today.

Crown Resorts Limited (ASX: CWN) announced that 17 current and two former employees of the Crown group were today convicted by the Shanghai Baoshan District Court of contraventions of Article 303, Clause 1 and Article 25, Clause 1 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China.

Crown has been informed that the substantive English translation of:

• Article 303, Clause 1, is that anyone who organises gambling parties or is engaged in gambling as one’s main business for the purpose of making profits shall be sentenced to not more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment, detention, or surveillance, and shall be jointly fined; and

• Article 25, Clause 1, is that a joint crime is an intentional crime committed by two or more persons jointly.

16 of the 19 defendants were fined a total of RMB8.62 million, which converts to approximately AUD1.67 million. This amount is being paid ex gratia by Crown.
Of the 16 defendants who were fined, 11 were also sentenced to a period of incarceration of 9 months and 5 to a period of 10 months, with time in detention since 14 October 2016 to be taken into account for all.

The remaining three defendants, who were bailed on 11 November 2016, were not fined or sentenced to a period of incarceration.

The defendants include three Australian citizens, Jason O’Connor, (Jane) Pan Dan and Jerry Xuan. They were fined RMB2 million (approximately AUD390,000), RMB400,000 (approximately AUD78,000) and RMB200,000 (approximately AUD39,000) respectively and were sentenced to periods of incarceration of 10 months (with deportation), 9 and 9 months respectively (with time in detention since 14 October 2016 to be taken into account for all).

One of the other defendants is a Malaysian citizen and the remaining defendants are Chinese citizens.

Crown remains respectful of the sovereign jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China and does not intend to comment further at this time.