Here Is A Newly Released Photo Of Trayvon Martin After The Shooting

The Florida State Attorney’s Office accidentally released 76 pages of blockbuster new evidence in the George Zimmerman case.

Among the new items: DNA results that Trayvon Martin’s blood was found on a bag of Skittles and a picture of what we assume is Trayvon Martin laying on the ground after the shooting.

Here’s the picture of Martin. The state said it was releasing three new photos, one of the back of Zimmerman’s head, one of Martin on the ground, and one of a flashlight at the scene. We’ve identified Zimmerman’s head and the flashlight photo, which makes us believe this is Martin.

We know the picture isn’t the best quality but it was taken by an unnamed witness at the scene, according to court records.

trayvon martin after shooting

Photo: Florida State Attorney Office

The arrow points toward Martin. We’ll update this post as we sift through the evidence.

Note: The Florida state attorney just said this photo was inadvertently released and that it was exempt from federal disclosure laws.

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