Here Comes The Twitter T-Shirt Bubble

twitter shirt

Just as the last Internet t-shirt craze was getting stale — ironic, fratty shirts from BustedTees, etc. — here comes the next one: Shirts inspired by and “crowdsourced” from Twitter.

The latest: Chicago-based Threadless has launched Twitter Tees, featuring “notable Tweets submitted and voted on by Twitter users, with art direction and design of each t-shirt by the in-house creative team at Threadless.”

There’s also Twitshirt, Twitoshirt, Twittermosaic, Reactee, and others.

This is not a terrible idea. Many tweets, like other short, pithy quotes, would make funny shirts. And all the power to Threadless and anyone that can find a way to profit off Twitter. But the concept makes us a little dizzy.

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