Here Comes The Rep! Barney Frank To Wed Longtime Partner


[credit provider=”C-SPAN”]

Barney Frank will marry Jim Ready, his partner of six years, in Massachusetts, Frank’s office has confirmed. Frank was the first member of Congress to volunteer that he was gay, and if the marriage occurs before the end of his last term, it would be the first same-sex marriage of a sitting member of the House of Representatives.

No details are out yet on when the marriage will occur, and Frank himself has not commented on the news, first reported by New England Cable News.

In November, Frank announced that he would not be seeking re-election, closing a colourful tenure in the House of Representatives that began in 1980. Over 32 years he earned a reputation as an explosive personality and staunch Democrat.

Ready earned a firey reputaiton of his own, after he got into a confrontation with Frank’s political opponent Sean Bielat at a public debate. He was also in the news in 2007, when he was arrested for marijuana possession at his home in Maine. It was later revealed that Frank was present for the arrest. 

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