Here Comes The Infrastructure Boom

If the economy continues to on its current arc, it’s hard to imagine the next President not pushing for some major stimulus/public spending project in the hopes of “getting out of the ditch”, to use John McCain’s words. Simply cutting a check probably won’t be enough — they they’ll probably do that too. Watch for some bill that promises to kill multiple birds with one stone: economic stimulus, infrastructure rejuvination and greenness.

Already, lobbyists are pushing Congress to act:

Pit & Quarry Editor’s Blog: In testimony delivered to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Doug Black, CEO of Oldcastle Materials Inc., Atlanta, addressed his concerns on infrastructure spending and investment in the nation’s surface transportation system. Oldcastle is a key member of the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association.

Black pointed out that the construction materials industry is shrinking at a time when the nation’s infrastructure needs are growing. “Jobs in the United States today are issue number one.” He suggested there is no better way to add jobs, and good-paying American jobs, than to invest in infrastructure. He urged Congress to pass a short-term stimulus bill that will allow companies like his own to keep its workforce, add jobs and help preserve the nation’s highway system.

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