Here Comes The HTC Facebook Phone

HTC SalsaThis is the Salsa, an older HTC phone with Facebook integration

Photo: MobileBurn

Asian handset maker HTC is working on a new Android-based Facebook phone, Digitimes reports. We can expect it as soon as the third quarter of this year.

HTC has made phones with Facebook functionality in the past, the Salsa and the Chacha, but this phone sounds like it will have deeper integration – “a platform exclusive to Facebook,” as Digitimes puts it.

Certainly there has been plenty of reporting suggesting that Facebook is working developing its own smartphones, using Google’s open source operating system Android as a starting point.

Digitimes says HTC is pursuing the Facebook phone in response to Google’s decision to make its Nexus phones with Samsung going forward.

We’ve also heard that Asian handset manufacturers are scrambling for an alternative to Google, a company they are furious with because Google aquired Motorola and plans to invest in its handset business.

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