CPI Climbs Right In Line With Expectations

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CPI increased +0.1 per cent, in line with analysts’ expectations.

The figure increased +0.6 per cent last month.

Core inflation (ex-food and energy prices) also met forecasts at +0.2 per cent.

The figure rose +0.1 per cent in September.

The shelter index increased 0.3 per cent, its largest increase since March 2008, and accounted for over half of the seasonally adjusted all items increase, the BLS said.

The index for all items less food and energy has risen 2.0 per cent over the last 12 months.

Indexes that have been rising more quickly include medical care (3.7 per cent), apparel (3.0 per cent) and shelter (2.3 per cent).

Among those rising more slowly or declining are the indexes for new vehicles (1.0 per cent), airline fares (-0.5 per cent) and used cars and trucks (-2.1 per cent).

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