Here Comes Katie


A year ago, they said CBS News anchor Katie Couric and her $15 million salary were on their way out.

That’s looking less likely by the day.

Brian Williams and NBC “Nightly News” still rule — they’ve been number one for 18 straight weeks — and ABC’s “World News” still ranks second, but watch out Charlie Gibson, here comes Katie Couric and the CBS “Evening News.”

TVNewser: For the week of Feb. 2, Evening News trailed World News by 1.5 million viewers. During the week of Feb. 4, 2008 Evening News finished 2.28 million viewers behind World News, meaning CBS closed the gap by 780,000 viewers, year-over-year.

Then last week there was similar movement. ABC drew 8.19 million viewers to CBS’s 6.75 million. While both newscasts were down year-to-year, ABC was down more, losing 1.25 million viewers compared to the week of Feb. 11, 2008. The Couric broadcast closed the gap by more than one million viewers. Last year the gap was 2.46 million; last week it was 1.44 million.