Here Comes Carol Bartz’s Yahoo Re-Org


New Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz will spend two days this week meeting with Yahoo managers as a group at an offsite in Sunnyvale, BoomTown reports.

If Carol reveals a grand new plan for the company, BoomTown’s sources “inside and outside the company who have spoken with [Carol]” expect it’ll be a plan that simplifies Yahoo’s decision-making processes and reduces an overstaffed management class.

It’s Carol’s first meeting with such a large group of Yahoo employees since the all-hands she convened in her first week. Since then, Carol’s been cornering execs into small meeting all across Yahoo, interrogating them to her satisfaction.

“The tone is much more tough than employees are used to,” one Yahoo exec told Kara Swisher.

“She doesn’t seem to know the current state of the Internet business that well, but she does know how to whip a company into shape,” said another. “It can be a little disconcerting for those Web heads at the company to get that kind of scrutiny.”