Here Come 32 iPad Wannabes

chandra joojoo crunchpad

No good idea goes un-imitated, and a wave of iPad imitators will soon be hitting stores.

How many?

Harry McCracken at Technologizer has counted 32, some of which are already in the market.

As with the smartphone wars, the tablet war will likely quickly become a platform war: The dominant one or two platforms will quickly gain the lion’s share of apps, and, thereby, the most market share.  Apple obviously already has a formidable lead, but it had a formidable lead with the iPhone, too, and that lead is now being eclipsed by Google’s Android.

Here’s how Harry’s 32 iPad wannabes break down by operating system.  Android and Windows will have the early lead.

Android: 13
Windows: 13
Linux: 4
Web OS: 1
Blackberry OS: 1

See all of Technologizer’s 32 iPad wannabes here >
(via Philip Elmer-Dewitt)

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