Here Are This Week's Winners And Losers In Sports

novak djokovic's girlfriend jelena ristic

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This week was the calm before the wild Super Bowl week storm that’s going to hit on Monday.Luckily, some big names made headlines to keep us entertained.

A Pats star got engaged. A Yale star had his Rhodes scholar lie (maybe) exposed. And Novak Djokovic’s girlfriend proved to be the most diehard fan in Melbourne.

WINNER: Jelena Ristic

Jelena made a name for herself this week by being super-intense during her boyfriend Novak Djokovic's matches.

Good for her. She's as much of a fan as we are.

WINNER: Eli Manning

Remember when Eli Manning was a joke?

Look at him now: people are saying that he's better than Tom Brady after his amazing run through the NFC playoffs.

WINNER: Wes Welker

Welker got engaged.

Scratch that, Welker got engaged to a former Miss Hooters who famously makes him breakfast in bed.

Well done.

WINNER: Greg Schiano

Schiano built Rutgers from a laughing stock to one of the east coast's most respected programs.

But other than that, he hasn't really done much.

Regardless, he's off to the NFL to try and turn around the Tampa Bay Bucs.

WINNER: The Aussie Open ballboy with cat-like reflexes

Little fella made an incredible catch during the Federer-Nadal match.

He even got himself on ESPN.

LOSER: Caroline Wozniacki

Wozniacki got knocked out of the Aussie Open this week by Kim Clijsters.

LOSER: Patrick Witt

Remember the guy who turned down his Rhodes Scholarship interview to play Harvard? Well it seems as though his story might not be real.

When Witt announced on November 13 that he'd be playing rather than going to his Rhodes interview, he actually already had his candidacy suspended by the Rhodes Trust after they became aware of a sexual assault allegation against him days earlier.

But then Witt released this statement:

As this decision process unfolded, Patrick became aware that an anonymous source had contacted the Rhodes Trust with false information purporting to reference an informal -- and confidential -- complaint within the University. In light of this, and given the short period of time between this occurrence and the potential final interview, the Rhodes Trust asked for an additional letter of reference for Patrick from Yale. By that time, however, Patrick had already informed Athletic Department officials that he intended to withdraw his candidacy due to the inability to reschedule his final interview, and that he would issue a statement to this effect following the Princeton game on November 12.

We're not sure who to believe, but it's pretty sketchy.

LOSER: The Colts


Nike debuted these 'platinum' basketball uniforms for some of the best teams in college basketball.

That platinum looks pretty dull to us.

LOSER: Donay Meijer

Sorry Donay, but Jelena has stolen your spotlight.

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