The 10 Worst Box-Office Openings Of All Time

oogielovesOogieloves earned less than half a million opening weekend.

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Despite all the headlines, last weekend’s indie kid flick “Oogieloves” was not “the worst” wide-opening release ever.Since 1982, it was the 12th.

Rather, the Teletubby-like gang boast the lowest box-office weekend opening in more than 2,000 theatres.

With an estimated $20 million production budget, there’s little chance it will break even.

Despite this, creator Kenn Viselman couldn’t be more pleased with the media hype, saying the film was all about exposure. There’s even a sequel in the works.

We wondered what else performed poorly in the past, so we’ve compiled together the 10 worst box-office wide release weekends. In all fairness, we consider a wide release any film in at least 1,500 theatres opening weekend, so the “Oogieloves” moves down a smidge on our list.

theatre Count: 2,078

What may have been the oddest double feature engagement returned for a five run in theatres September 2002. Together, the films earned $6.6 million at the box office.

theatre Count: 2,261

Snoop Dogg made a cameo in the 2003 film about college students celebrating their Spring Break in Mexico.

After two weeks of release, the film from the producers of 'The Real World' quickly dropped out of 2,037 theatres.

theatre Count: 2,322

This film was actually the third in the 'Major League' franchise. While the first boasted actors Charlie Sheen and Wesley Snipes, the three-quel featured a brand new cast and no longer followed the Cleveland Indians, but rather the Minnesota Twins.

The film rounded out the box-office top 10 in it's opening week, and quickly disappeared from theatres two weeks later with a total domestic gross of $3.5 million.

theatre Count: 2,131

The horror flick about a woman pursued in a parking garage was down to 125 theatres after two weeks in theatres before ending its six-week run in 20 theatres before Christmas week.

The film grossed $3.9 million during it's run in the U.S.

theatre Count: 1,621

By week three, the film following two brothers competing in the Las Vegas Motocross Championship was only showing in 126 theatres. At the end of six weeks, the film earned $3.1 million domestically.

theatre Count: 1,506

Though a cult favourite now, the first Batman film based off the popular animated series earned $5.6 million during its seven-week run in theatres. Despite an increase in it's second weekend gross, the film dropped 76 per cent in week three.

theatre Count: 1,504

In its one and only week in theatres, the dance film featured a studio going up against a rival club in a dance marathon.

The dance film sounds like something that would have fared well at theatres today given the popularity of the 'Step Up' franchise today.

Maybe 'Heavenly Bodies' may have just been ahead of its time.

theatre Count: 2,160

Another film that left theatres after one week, 'Delgo,' was a computer-animated film about adventurous teen dinos.

A-list voice actors Freddie Prinze Jr., Jennifer Love Heewitt, and Val Kilmer couldn't save the film from extinction after a $694,782 gross total at the box office.

theatre Count: 2,160

Over the entire labour Day weekend, the film brought in $610,056. Even if the film has better weekends in its future, it's unlikely the film will earn back its $20 million budget.

theatre Count: 1,507

The monster flick about a swamp monster lasted one week in theatres before getting axed from the line up. To date, 'Creature' has earned $508,714 at theatres.

Now, that you know the worst movies ...

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