Charles Schwab: US Investors Are Still Worry-Wart Savers Who Avoid Risk And Spending

Chales Schwab

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Chales Schwab has released their latest survey of independent investment advisors and it points towards an across the board increased conservatism on the part of most clients.While hedge funds and investment banks might have made a killing on distressed and risky asset classes, the retail investor isn’t chasing those particular rabbits.

In fact, the report make a good case for continuation of the “new normal,” with retail investors focused on savings over spending, security over risk, debt reduction over accumulation.

Of course, you never can tell whether the retail sector is an indicator of things to come or a contrary indicator pointing in the wrong direction.

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Americans are suddenly much more frugal.

The saving trend looks set to continue.

People are focusing on clearing house and keeping their homes in order.

Savings rates are set to push higher.

Employment hopes are high, but there is little hope out there on housing.

Majority of advisors predict a rise in the S&P.

Investment advisors still like Bernanke.

America looks set to stay divided, according to advisors.

Fewer clients are in need of reassurance.

Advisors are more hopeful that they can meet clients goals.

Renewed focus on financial planning and taxes.

Advisors are buying.

Many clients had lost trust in their previous advisors.

Independent advisors are gaining as confidence slips.

Large cap stocks are the target.

Emerging markets are still winning.

And ETFs seem to be the vehicle to do it with.

Dry powder finally getting used.

Fixed Income and ETFs continue to make gains.

Health care has seen an investment spike.

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