Here Are The Top 10 Most Trusted Celebrities In Australia

Hugh Jackman at Tony Awards. Photo: Getty Images

Celebrities play a huge role in our society. Whether it be entertainment, endorsement or providing information.

And while all celebrities aren’t in the news for the right reasons, most of the time they are making great achievements and are role models for younger generations.

Sportspeople, media personalities, singers, actors and models, alike.

But which Australian celebrities do our countryfolk trust the most?

Repucom, a sports marketing research company, has created the only international index for celebrity evaluation to find out how Australian celebrities rate in terms of awareness, appeal, influence, trust and other attributes.

From a pool of 300 Aussie celebs, Repucom surveyed an online consumer panel of 500 people aged 16 to 69 years, for every 25 celebrities, to reveal Australia’s most trusted celebrities.

Here they are, and how they rate out of a score of 100.

1. Hugh Jackman with a score of 79.66

2. Dr Chris Brown with a score of 74.98

3. Anh Do with a score of 72.69

4. Adam Gilchrist with a score of 72.38

5. Cate Blanchett with a score of 71.79

6. Jessica Mauboy with a score of 71.71

7. Pat Rafter with a score of 71.4

8. Rebecca Gibney with a score of 71.23

9. Carrie Bickmore with a score of 70.8

10. Curtis Stone with a score of 70.4

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