Here Are The Top 10 Australian Suburbs Shopping Online

Photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images.

Payments company eWay handles about a quarter of all online sales in Australia, which means buried within the 2.22 million transactions it processed in July are some insights into the nation’s shopping habits.

Throughout July $361 million worth of online transactions were processed by the company, up 19.3 per cent compared to the previous corresponding period.

Melbourne’s CBD shopped online nearly twice as much as their counterparts in Sydney, while Toowoomba was the regional online transaction hub in Australia.

West of the eastern seaboard barely gets a mention.

Here are the top 10 Australian cities by online transactions.

According to the transaction data, in the past year florists have made a mad dash online, recording a 253% increase in online transactions.

Here are the other industries which have recorded the largest online transaction growth in the past 12 months.

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